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Trevor Little

Legal Executive

Trevor is very dedicated to his work. He developed very constructive relationship with Colleagues and clients. He committed himself to high quality legal services to clients.

He states:

I always believe in and try to have a very good understanding of the world around me. I always respect the attitudes of others because every person has their personal point of view and should be heard. I always try to guide people in the correct way and give positive advice to people when asked. I will always give and help people if they are in need. I have for many years assisted with the Save the Children in Africa and sponsored a child through their schooling.

 I have a wide variety of interests in both sport and Family. Family to me is always number one and working in this office enables me to contribute my experiences of everyday life to the great team of colleagues I work with.

I love sport and follow most sports with interest and in the past I have participated in many. I have coached a number of sports with some very successful results. I still follow the people I have been involved in the past with interest as several have reached International standards and have represented New Zealand.

I enjoy a good challenge and my present position enables me to keep my mind alert and stimulated but at the same time enjoyable.