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Debt Collection

Welcome to Northern Legal Debt Collection.

At Northern Legal we have staff with extensive experience in litigation and enforcement of judgments. 

We offer customers a free letter of demand to initiate the  process of debt recovery against individuals. 

In the event that the debt is owed by a company and there is no dispute concerning the debt then you may instruct us to investigate the issuing of a statutory demand against the debtor company.

We are skilled in undertaking litigation in the District and High Court.  We can assist you to bring debt collection actions and insolvency / liquidation proceedings or alternatively to defend against such proceedings.

Further, we are able to provide you with the options for registration of foreign judgments in New Zealand.

Our focus is upon least cost representation and this means the efficient use of time and resources to achieve the best outcome for your matters.

Please contact our James Guy to find out how we can assist you with your debt collection needs on 09 4801225 or email james@northernlegal.co.nz