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Separation and Relationship Property

  • Contracting Out Agreements (prenups)
  • Separation Agreements

Northern Legal can assist you through your relationship property dispute by guiding you through comprehensive disclosure obligations, analysis and classification of assets and liabilities, the obtaining of valuations of assets, and the making of strategic decisions about how to resolve issues.  We understand your obligations and entitlements and the various options available for resolution.


Quite often you may not have been primarily responsible for the financial affairs in the relationship or may have a limited understanding of the financial structures and assets available for division.  We can assist you to find out this information through informal disclosure or through Court ordered discovery.


Our barristers and solicitors are trained in negotiating settlements and also in the mediation process where matters can be resolved out of Court.  If required, however, our barristers and solicitors will advocate on your behalf in Court. 


You are not alone through this process and we will keep you informed as to your options as the matter progresses.